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Dani's picture box GP Bahrain 2016: Faces of the night

Daniel Reinhard
Dani's picture box GP Bahrain 2016
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A ls a Formula 1 photographer you don't have it these days light. The drivers hide in the team pavilions all day. You are constantly shielded. It is hardly possible to take pictures in a relaxed atmosphere. Emotions are hidden behind thick sunglasses.

Emotions can be read from faces

It's different on the night in Bahrain. Here the pilots are still unvarnished and open. All the emotions of a racing weekend can be read in their faces after sunset. Whether Rosberg, Hamilton or Vettel ... the emotional state of the top stars after the race was not hidden this time.

In the 1960s there was once a Formula 1 photographer named Dr. Benno Müller. Cars hardly interested the photographer at all. He was hardly in a race. Müller mainly came to the training sessions, where he only shot expressive black and white driver portraits.

auto motor und sport photographer Daniel Reinhard has leaned on it in his Bahrain picture box and shows the faces of the drivers in Close-up from different perspectives. But action junkies don't miss out either. In the gallery the sparks fly and the tires smoke.


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