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Dani's picture box GP Bahrain 2015: Water games in the desert

Daniel Reinhard
Dani's picture box GP Bahrain 2015
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F Grand Prix races used to be tough for photographers Loaf. The barren desert landscape at the edge of the route made for a sand-colored monotony. Thanks to little green and little variety, the pictures were also relatively monotonous. That then fitted in with the often uneventful races in the past.

Photographers love Bahrain spectacles

But everything has changed since 2014. The race was put into the evening hours. Since then, the cars have been racing through the desert under floodlights. Nothing can be seen of the sandy landscape around it. Instead, colorfully illuminated fountains and palm trees decorated with fairy lights create very special impressions.

This year, there was another factor that made the photographers shine. The cars let the sparks fly thanks to titanium plates on the underbody. The effect, which was already noticeable in the first races of the season, only really came into its own after sunset.

Action, portraits & Impressions in the picture box

auto motor und sport photographer Daniel Reinhard shows in his picture box with the best shots of the weekend but not only action pictures from the track. The Swiss is known for his expressive portraits and the unusual perspectives from which he captures the magic of Bahrain. You can see the result for yourself in the gallery.


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