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Dani's picture box Abu Dhabi: Formula 1 in the Twilight Zone

Daniel Reinhard
Dani's picture box Abu Dhabi
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Usually photographers are not enthusiastic when it comes to the newfangled Formula 1 tracks. Large run-off areas, distant cars and a sterile atmosphere have long shaped the picture on Tilke courses. But in Abu Dhabi it is different. a uto motor und sport - photographer Dani Reinhard even compares the desert race with Monte Carlo in terms of the conditions - and that is his absolute favorite.

Photographers can be creative

The backdrop on the route in Abu Dhabi is unique. In the middle a marina. In addition, there is the architecturally extraordinary Yas Hotel. And of course the late start time, thanks to which the cars drive from day to night. Once through the twilight, which turns the asphalt strip into a glowing snake. Until the big fireworks after crossing the finish line.

Nowhere else can the photographers play so creatively with the lighting conditions. The deep sun produces long shadows. The artificial floodlights make the desert sparkle. The photographers can show all their skills there. As always, Dani Reinhard recorded the spectacle from her very own perspective. And always with a smile behind the lens.


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