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Daniel Ricciardo punished: three centimeters cost three places

Daniel Ricciardo punished
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S ilverstone used to be the living room of Red Bull. Between 2009 and 2013 the cars with the best aerodynamics were a force at the former military airport. Now even Silverstone is no longer the perfect track for Red Bull. Seven tenths remain on the straight. Or 17 km /h. 'We can't catch up with that in the fast corners,' regrets team advisor Helmut Marko.

After all, both Red Bulls made it into the top ten. Daniil Kvyat landed in 7th place, Daniel Ricciardo in 10th place. In terms of lap times, Ricciardo would have been ahead of Kvyat. But the Australian's fastest lap was canceled. Because in Copse Corner he got off the track with all four wheels. The time of 1.33.563 minutes would have been enough for seventh place on the grid.

12 drivers caught in Copse Corner

A total of 12 drivers were caught by the inspectors in the 230 km /h fast right-hand bend. The drivers had asked for it the day before. With Daniil Kvyat as the wheel leader. Ricciardo is not angry with his team-mate: 'It's okay that the laps were canceled. Even if it made a difference to me. My back was already against the wall. At the beginning I was angry. Because I thought that I fell by the wayside. Then I looked at the TV pictures again. I was actually three centimeters off the track. '

Three centimeters that cost Ricciardo three places. Most of the corner offenders complained about the strong cross wind in Copse. Ricciardo does not: 'I was just too greedy and wanted to use every inch of the route. Maybe in the future they will consider a better solution. A little more artificial turf or a gravel bed, and the problem will take care of itself.'

Not enough time saved on soft tires

Red Bull was unable to solve a puzzle. Ricciardo and Kvyat gained less time on the softer compound than the rest. The average delta was 0.9 seconds. In the free practice sessions, the medium tire made the Red Bull only two tenths faster. In the final training it was half a second. 'Because we have adjusted to it better,' explained Marko.

Ricciardo recalls: 'We already had the problem last year. In the fast corners I felt the extra grip of the medium tires. In thedon't slow down. we lose our time. The traction could be better. 'Ricciardo hopes that his command post will keep him out of traffic as much as possible during the race.' If we can drive freely, we are also fast. Traffic kills us because we can't overtake. '


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