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Criticism of Renault: more power only after the summer break

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Criticism of Renault
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No chance for Red Bull in Austria

S o times change quickly. Two years ago Red Bull drove everything into the ground. This year the former world championship team is in fourth place in the constructors' championship. Without a win, without a podium. Most recently in Canada it was only ninth place. The Red Bulls had no chance on the power track in Montreal.

At the home game in Spielberg, things get worse. Daniel Ricciardo gets a new engine on Friday, Daniil Kvyat on Saturday. In both cases it is the fifth version of the Renault V6 turbo. According to engine boss Rob White, piston problems are completely eliminated with this specification. Little consolation for Red Bull. Ricciardo and Kvyat will tackle the race from the penultimate row. You're still lucky that the McLaren drivers also collect fines.

Does Mateschitz want to scare Renault off on purpose?

Red Bull puts all the blame on Renault. Head of the company, Dietrich Mateschitz, attacks Renault's engine partner on the Speedweek.com website: 'Besides stealing our time and money, they have also robbed us of our joy and motivation. No driver and no chassis in the world can compensate for our horsepower deficit. At the same time our chances are reduced by the aerodynamics regulations. We will collect fines. I wonder how much more has to happen before we completely lose the fun of it? Sure there are existing contracts. But how many teams are already out of Formula 1 quit despite existing contracts? '

The tone of voice intensifies. Until now Mateschitz left his chain dog Helmut Marko at the front. Now he is talking about an exit with a clarity never seen before. Whether it's a good style to mess with one's partner, who has won four world titles with him, is one thing. The question also arises why Mateschitz is so aggressive about his scolding. It must be clear to him that his all-round blow is rather counterproductive. To the engineers working under high pressure on the engine. And the Renault management, which doesn't want to get slaps in the face indefinitely.

But maybe that's exactly what Mateschitz's tactic is all about. If Renault ended the cooperation out of annoyance at the chassis partner, that would be an invitation for Red Bull to look elegantto say goodbye to Formula 1. No engines, no team. Renault would have the buck again. Nobody at Red Bull believes that Ferrari will step in as a replacement. 'Does anyone seriously believe that we will get first-class engines from Ferrari if we beat them on the track?'

Ilmor cylinder head open the test bench

There is still a small glimmer of hope. Renault wants to drive with the fifth engine until the summer break. With Silverstone and Budapest, there are two tracks on which Red Bull calculates opportunities. 'According to our calculations, at most Mercedes has a better chassis than we do. You win two to three tenths on us. The rest is on the engine,' team boss Christian Horner calculates.

According to engine boss Rob White, you can Tokens are not used until the changes in the engines of the fifth specification have proven themselves. This process takes at least three races. Sharp comment from the Red Bull camp: 'We still have 12 tokens, but you also have to know what you are using them for.' Perhaps a large part of the development tokens go on the new cylinder head that Mario Illien developed. This week and the next, the Ilmor version will run on the basis of the Renault engine block on a single-cylinder test bench. At Red Bull, they all hope for the great miracle. The Ilmor spec wouldn't be ready to race until after the summer break.


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