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Criticism of Parisian judges: & # 34; Briatore trial a farce & # 34;

Daniel Reinhard
Criticism of Parisian judges
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' The ban on Formula 1 fraudster Flavio Briatore's life has been lifted, the sport is falling into chaos, 'commented the British tabloid 'The Sun' newspaper on Wednesday (January 6th) the judgment of the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris, which had declared the ban of the Italian from motorsport as inadmissible for an indefinite period. And Formula 1 managing director Bernie Ecclestone now fears: 'This thing is not over yet.'

M it is the return of the PS bird of paradise, the Ecclestone does not expect an accident in Singapore in 2008. But he was 'welcome' in the paddock, said the Briatore friend and business partner in the 'Daily Express'. The 59-year-old Briatore just wants to be happy about the 'victory by knockout' anyway. and enjoy life. Then he thinks of the 'child formula', after all he will become a father in March. There will be enough time to ponder a return.

Settling with Mosley

Briatore already took the opportunity and settled accounts with the former president of the International Automobile Federation FIA, Max Mosley. 'First Mosley tried to take the World Cup from me - first with Schumacher, then with Alonso - and then he wanted to destroy me with this story,' claimed Briatore. Despite the jubilation over the happy outcome for him, he did not open a champagne bottle. 'No, I opened a Coke. I'm on a diet,' said Briatore, who is also considering legal action against Nelson Piquet Junior. With his testimony, the Brazilian had started the scandal surrounding the staged Singapore accident.

The FIA's verdict, on the other hand, is likely to be difficult in the stomach for a long time. The ban, which the World Motorsport Council imposed on September 21, 2009, would last until a possible appeal against the Paris judgment has been clarified, the association said. The World Council of the FIA ​​had spoken of a rule violation of 'unprecedented severity'.

No judgment on the question of guilt

A decisive statement about the The court did not question the Italian's guilt. Nevertheless, Briatore said on the British broadcaster BBC: 'The decision is easy. I have no involvement.' The allegation against Briatore of having ordered a young driver to have an accident has not been invalidated, said the Daily Telegraph: 'TheRichter concentrated solely on how Briatore's suspension had come about. '

' La Gazzetta dello Sport 'also went hard in court with the Paris judges who, among other things, considered the evidence to be too thin.' The first trial was a farce, 'said the paper.' The Independent 'saw it similarly and called the verdict' shocking. 'According to the Times, the FIA ​​experienced a' rude awakening 'at the beginning of the year.' Briatore always wins. The judgment from Paris makes the lawyers of the FIA ​​look ridiculous, 'said' El Mundo 'from Spain.

' Briatore has seven lives '

Briatore is said to have instructed then Renault driver Nelson Piquet Jr. to have an accident at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2008. Piquet's team-mate Alonso benefited from the subsequent safety car phase after departure. He won the race. The five-year-old The Paris court lifted Pat Symonds, the then chief engineer of the Renault racing team, and Briatore was awarded 15,000 euros in compensation, Symonds 5,000.

About two months before the eagerly anticipated start of the World Cup with the return of the record champion Michael Schumacher, Formula 1 is now facing another headline-grabbing sideline. 'The court said it was wrong, now the FIA ​​can start all over again and it will go on and on,' said Ecclestone, himself a member ied by the FIA ​​World Motorsport Council. Especially the new FIA President Jean Todt will now be in demand. And Ecclestone already advised him to call Briatore and have a chat. Because the Italian, who is not at the center of a scandal for the first time, is considered a tough opponent, as the Spanish sports newspaper 'Marca' also found: 'Briatore has seven lives.'


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