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Crazy Stats GP Spain: Hamilton turns World Cup on its head

Crazy Stats GP Spain 2018
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I n the five races of the 2018 season things went up and down like in a roller coaster - but a very symmetrical roller coaster. Lewis Hamilton secured the first and last pole position. In between, Sebastian Vettel started from scratch three times. Daniel Ricciardo and Valtteri Bottas took turns on the fastest race laps. If the series has its way, Bottas would be back in Monaco.

Symmetry in the Barcelona result

Team boss Toto Wolff was able to celebrate Mercedes' first double victory.

Also with the Winning is everything in rank and file: first Vettel twice, then Hamilton twice - Ricciardo in between. The statistician, who is known to like things to be tidy and tidy, is happy. A look at the table of the drivers' standings also fits: After the defeats in the first two races, Hamilton was still 17 points behind, now the table shows a lead of 17 points for the British.

But there is even more symmetry in the Barcelona result. Mercedes has now celebrated its 78th victory as a works team. In the ten years as an engine supplier at McLaren, those responsible for Mercedes - you probably already guessed it - were also able to celebrate 78 victories. For Hamilton, by the way, it was victory number 50 on Pirelli tires - no other driver has that many on the account.

Hülkenberg ends qualifying series

Jerry André
Nico Hülkenberg was slowed down by technology in the qualification.

An impressive series also broke in Barcelona. Nico Hulkenberg survived the first round of qualification 60 times in a row before the Spanish GP. No other pilot in the field could do that. Because of a problem with the fuel supply, the fun was now over.

Hülkenberg accepted the early departure with gallows humor: “This is another great trophy that I can put in my desolate closet. That comes right next to the trophy for the record for most races without a podium. ”Incidentally, the Rhinelander was also eliminated in 2015 in Barcelona in Q1 in 2015.

If you want to know which Riccardo“ record ” Patrese in Monaco could be cracked or in which category Hamilton has overtaken Michael Schumacher, then take a look at the Crazy Stats in the gallery! There you will also find out why Fernando Alonso is starting to worry about his status as Spain's No. 1.


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