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Crazy Stats GP Russia 2018: The Curse of the Finns

Crazy Stats GP Russia 2018
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D we have Kimi Raikkonen's negative series on this one Position often discussed. The Iceman has been waiting for a sense of achievement since the 2013 Australian Grand Prix. He was no longer the first to cross the finish line in 110 races. There was no shortage of opportunities. During the period mentioned, Kimi collected at least 30 trophies - but only for places 2 and 3.

Now Raikkonen also seems to have infected his compatriot Bottas with the epidemic. The number 2 at Mercedes celebrated its last victory in the premier class at the 2017 season finale in Abu Dhabi. Since then, the 29-year-old has attended the podium ceremony seven times, but never said hello from the top step of the podium.

Bottas bad luck on the parade route

Bottas has been very close several times since then on the breakthrough. In China, a safety car phase and a strategy error thwarted the dream of victory. In Azerbaijan, the Silver Arrow driver suffered a flat tire shortly before the end while in the lead and had to give up. In Austria Bottas finally dropped out prematurely after pole position in qualifying with a hydraulic defect.

So the victory is long overdue. And Russia would actually have been the perfect route for it. Here Bottas celebrated his first ever success in the premier class a year ago. And here no team-mate has been able to beat him in qualifying. This series also lasted at the fifth appearance in Sochi. Only the win that was actually deserved was denied Bottas for known reasons.

Hamilton races from win to win

It's almost bewitched. The third place in the World Championship has been on pole position six times. In the end there was only two victory. The frustration factor keeps getting bigger. While team-mate Hamilton rushes from record to record, for Bottas the world title after Suzuka - i.e. four races to go - arithmetically out of reach.

In the gallery we have even more statistics on the numbers unequal duel in the Mercedes warehouse. There are also some crazy facts about the form crisis at Sebastian Vettel. And we reveal which inglorious record Toro Rosso was able to build at the Russian GP.


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