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Crazy Stats GP Monaco 2018: Spectacle only for statisticians

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Crazy Stats GP Monaco 2018
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F May 27th 2018 will be for the Australian racing fans will probably be remembered for longer. After Jack Brabham and Mark Webber, Daniel Ricciardo was the third driver from Down Under to enter the list of winners of the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. After narrowly missing out on his first triumph in the Principality in 2016, the Red Bull driver didn't miss anything this year.

Just a few hours after Ricciardo crossed the finish line on the Côte d'Azur, it was 7,335 kilometers further west in Indianapolis for a no less prestigious trophy. The 102nd time the 500 mile race was held in the world's most famous soup bowl. And here, too, the Australian anthem was played afterwards. Will Power was able to win the classic for the first time.

Indy500 more action-packed than Monaco GP

When asked which race offered the better entertainment, there are probably no two opinions. In Monaco, the fans were offered just seven overtaking maneuvers - and that includes the deliberate change of place between the two Renault drivers Nico Hülkenberg and Carlos Sainz. With the Indy500, overtaking maneuvers in the field can hardly be counted. The lead alone changed 30 times in the 200 oval laps.

When it comes to crashes, the IndyCar fans got their money's worth much more than in Monaco. While Bernd Mayländer had a quiet afternoon in his F1 safety car, the field in Indianapolis was neutralized 7 times. Nine of the 33 starters did not see the checkered flag. In Monaco only 3 cars did not make it over the distance. Because of their late crash, Leclerc and Hartley even made it into the ranking.

Crazy Stats GP Monaco 2018

You can find out why Daniel Ricciardo's victory was extremely unlikely from a statistical point of view in the crazy stats in the gallery. There we will also tell you which series by Fernando Alonso broke and in which statistics Sebastian Vettel has now overtaken Ayrton Senna.


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