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Crazy Stats GP Mexico 2018: Five-man club drives Mercedes

Crazy Stats GP Mexico 2018
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B A Mercedes was in Mexico to win the title from Lewis Hamilton prepared. Under the hashtag #HighFive, the rare event of the coronation of a five-time driver world champion was trumpeted around the world via all PR channels of the racing team. When Juan-Manuel Fangio became the first F1 driver to claim his fifth title in 1958, there was still no social media. Or internet.

But Fangio had one thing in common with Hamilton. The Argentine was also a works driver for Mercedes in 1954 and 1955 and contested all races in the Silver Arrow in the Swabian carmaker's first Grand Prix era. He competed twelve times with the star on the bonnet. He crossed the finish line eight times as the winner. Even Hamilton cannot keep up with this rate.

The legacy of Schumacher and Fangio

When Mercedes returned to the premier class with its own team in 2010, a highly decorated driver was once again involved. Michael Schumacher helped build the racing team together with Nico Rosberg and laid the foundation for Hamilton in his 58 races. His seven world titles are still the benchmark in Formula 1.

After Schumacher's resignation, Mercedes continued seamlessly with Hamilton in 2013. That meant that whenever the Silver Arrows team competed in Formula 1, one of the three five-time champions was also there. That only 6 of the 17 titles of Fangio, Schumacher and Hamilton were actually won in a Mercedes should only be mentioned in passing.

Will Hamilton break the Schumi records?

Hamilton is with his The hunt for the record is far from over: “Schumacher's number of wins (91) still seems so far away to me. But if things continue to go so well until the end of my contract, I should at least come close to him. ”As a record winner, according to Hamilton, Schumi deserves the title of“ best driver of all time ”.

And if he's the brand should trump? “My father always taught me not to make big announcements. I prefer to let the performances on the track do the talking, ”said Hamilton cautiously. You can find out which extraordinary records and series have been set or broken in Mexico in the Crazy Stats in the gallery.


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