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Crazy Stats GP Japan 2018: Vettel worse than last year

Crazy Stats GP Japan 2018
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S ebastian Vettel it may seem like a déjà vu. As if Hollywood had directed this Formula 1 season using the script from the previous year as a template. Like 12 months ago, things didn't look bad for Ferrari at the beginning. After the away win in Silverstone, Vettel led the World Cup with 8 points shortly before halftime.

Vettel one point worse than 2017

Hamilton apparently drives to the world title again in a relaxed manner.

It looked similarly good in the previous year. 12 months earlier, Vettel went into the summer break with a lead of 12 points. The only difference: this year, Hamilton started catching up before the holidays. The slip by Vettel in Hockenheim initiated the accident. In the last 7 races, Hamilton scored 75 points more than his world championship rival.

While technical problems in 2017 caused Ferrari to run out of steam in the championship final spurt, this time it was driving errors, collisions and strategy mishaps for them meager point yield responsible. The consequences are (almost) exactly the same: 12 months ago, Hamilton led the World Cup after 17 races with 331 to 265 points ahead of Vettel. Now it's 331 to 264 points.

Mercedes parties in Austin and Mexico

The Mercedes party could already rise in Austin. Another double victory and everything would be finally decided mathematically. The Silberpfeil team only has to wait a little longer for the design engineer title. The top spot in the team standings can only be celebrated in Mexico at the earliest.

In our Crazy Stats in the gallery we have more incredible figures on the Ferrari bankruptcy series and the Silver Arrow upswing. And we will tell you in which statisticsFernando Alonso has now overtaken Michael Schumacher and in which category Kimi Räikkönen overtook Gerhard Berger.


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