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Crazy Stats GP Italy 2018: World Cup points for everyone for the first time

Crazy Stats GP Italy 2018
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D he Formula 1 officials have been promising us that for years fastest cars ever. But the record for the shortest race of all time was set in 2003. Back then, Michael Schumacher only needed 1: 14.19.838 hours for the 54 laps in the Royal Park. Before the start of this year, there was great tension as to whether the record could be broken.

But in the end it didn't work out again. The safety car ensured early on after the start-up crash that the Schumi brand was not in danger. Even without the three laps that the field lost in tow with Bernd Mayländer, it would probably not have been quite enough. In 1: 16.54.484 hours it was “only” the ninth-shortest race in history that went over the full, previously planned distance.

2018 cars with a weight disadvantage

The reason for this is simple. In terms of grip and engine power, the modern Formula 1 racers are clearly superior to their predecessors from 15 years ago. But in 2003 Michael Schumacher was able to make refueling stops on his way to the record. This meant that he was already carrying significantly less fuel with him at the start.

And the curb weight of the racing cars was just 605 kilograms, well below that of the current generation, which with its heavy batteries and hybrid elements was full 733 kilos comes. Add 100 kilos of fuel at the start of the race. This cannot be compensated for with approx. 100 HP more and wider tires.

Sirotkin collects first World Championship point

There was still a unique event to celebrate in Monza - however only around 5 hours after crossing the finish line. When Romain Grosjean was taken out of the ranking due to irregularities in his Haas, Sergey Sirotkin unexpectedly slipped into the points on rank 10. It was the Williams driver's first point of the season. All 20 drivers in the field have now scored at least once.

With a bit of luck, Sergey Sirotkin won a World Championship point.

You like it Hard to believe, but that has never happened before in the 69 years of Formula 1. In the end, someone always came away empty-handed. There have been many seasons in which more than 20 pilots could score. In 1989, for example, 29 drivers recorded at least one counter, which was a record. Although there were only points for the first six drivers back then.

Of the drivers who competed in at least one race of the year, 14 pilots also ended the season with a zero. This year, this fate could only meet a driver if a substitute driver is sent into the race for some team.

In the gallery we have collected further interesting facts and figures about the race in Monza. It tells you, for example, that Sebastian Vettel regularly produces scrap on the first lap of the race, that Monza is a curse of Finland and that Kimi Räikkönen was able to snap several records in Italy.


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