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Crazy Stats GP India 2013: & # 34; Instant Karma & # 34; for Fernando Alonso

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Crazy Stats GP India 2013
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F ernando Alonso should perhaps still think about the special helmets think once. The last time before the Indian GP was the Spaniard in Monaco wearing a special, gold-lacquered head protection - back then there was only 7th place. This time the two-time champion had the points record set in Suzuka painted on his hood - and only ended up in 11th place.

Alonso punished for record helmet

In den The Spaniard was showered with malice on fan forums. 'Instant Karma' - punished directly by fate, it was often said. And appropriately in the land of Hinduism and Buddhism, where the term originally comes from. Many fans still cannot understand why Alonso proudly displayed the less meaningful record in the eternal point table. He was only able to overtake Schumacher thanks to the new points system.

For the first time since his failure at the GP Malaysia 2013, the Spaniard was again without points. The last race in which Alonso did not cross the finish line in the top ten was even 3 years ago: At the GP England 2010 the Ferrari driver only landed in 14th position, however, the 11th place in India has something good. Alonso can use the helmet again in Abu Dhabi if he wants.

Ferrari equalizes McLaren record

There was also something to celebrate for Ferrari, even if something was lost in the Vettel cheers. Thanks to Felipe Massa, Scuderia was able to expand the team points series to 64 races. This equalized the existing McLaren record. The McLaren series was broken with the 11th and 12th places for Perez and Button just this season in Canada.

In the Crazy Stats in the picture gallery you can also find out which records Sebastian Vettel with his win and the Won the title in India. What Vettel and Grosjean have in common with Schumacher and Barrichello. And why India will probably no longer be Lewis Hamilton's favorite track.


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