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Crazy Stats GP Belgium 2015: The first titles for Mercedes

Crazy Stats GP Belgium 2015
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J it has now been proven: Hungary was apparently only one Slip in the recent success story of Mercedes. After the bankruptcy of Budapest, the silver piles in Spa picked up where they had left off - with the seventh double victory in the eleventh race.

First titles for Hamilton and Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton drove In Belgium, he not only took home win number 6 of the season but also celebrated pole position number 10. This puts him unmatched at the top in this category and secures the pole position trophy for the 2015 season ahead of schedule. The disgrace from the previous year is gone when he was had lost the qualifying duel against team-mate Rosberg.

There is also reason to celebrate for Mercedes: In the first 11 races, cars with engines from Brixworth already scored 551 laps in the lead. Ferrari only achieved a value of 125 in this category. Renault and Honda cars were not even ahead in 2015. With 420 laps to complete in the last 8 races, Mercedes can no longer be overtaken.

Crazy Stats GP Belgium

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