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Crazy Stats GP Bahrain 2019: bankruptcies as a good omen for Vettel

Crazy Stats GP Bahrain 2019
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N After the test drives, all the experts predicted that Ferrari would march through. But after two races it is 43:26 for Mercedes after championship points. At first glance, that looks like a bitter gossip. But it was not as clear as the gap in the classification seems.

After the brief form downturn in Australia, Ferrari was back on top in Bahrain. Charles Leclerc was in a league of his own, both in terms of qualifying pace and speed in the race. Only one problem with the engine prevented the 21-year-old Monegasse from crowning himself the youngest Ferrari race winner of all time.

Double double victory for Mercedes

Because of the weakness compared to the competition Pace, the cheers for the Silberpfeil team were a little more subdued than usual. Mercedes would have had every reason to celebrate. Two double victories at the start of a season - the German-British works team has never achieved that in Formula 1.

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The statisticians noted the first pole position for Charles Leclerc - it was a very special one.

The first two races also brought two very unusual results for Sebastian Vettel. The Heppenheimer missed the podium twice in a row. It was nine years ago that he had to wait so long for a trophy. However, that doesn't have to be a bad omen: In 2010 Vettel won the World Cup title after the weak start at the end of the year.

Statistics give Vettel hope

And that a good start is no guarantee for a championship celebration, Vettel only had to experience last season. In 2018, the Ferrari driver won in both Australia and Bahrain. And in the end, Lewis Hamilton was in the lead again. Maybe Vettel can turn the tables this year.

IfIf you want to know which driver was the tenth driver to ever exceed the 1,000 point mark, take a look at our gallery. In the Crazy Stats we can also tell you which driver was younger than Charles Leclerc when he took his first pole position, how often a race was finished behind the safety car and why Daniel Ricciardo was not credited with a lead.


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