Crazy Stats GP Abu Dhabi 2014

Crazy Stats GP Abu Dhabi 2014
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L thanks to the superior Mercedes -Power had a record season. They left Red Bull competitor Daniel Ricciardo only 3 wins. Incidentally, the fact that only 3 drivers made the winners' trophies had only happened 4 times before in Formula 1 history.

Lauda- Record remains unbroken

After the race, Hamilton said that his second title almost felt like he had won the world championship crown for the first time. 112 races lay between the two title wins. Just like with Jack Brabham, 6 years passed before Hamilton could call himself world champion again. But that was not enough for a record. Niki Lauda had to wait 7 years for title number 3.

The dominance of Mercedes was also reflected in the unsuccessfulness of the competition. You had to look a long way back in the history books to see when neither Ferrari, McLaren, Williams and Lotus last won a race. Incidentally, there has never been a season in which neither an Italian nor a British team was able to land a Grand Prix success.

Crazy Stats from Abu Dhabi

In our Crazy Stats in In the picture gallery we have collected many more curious and interesting figures about the World Cup final and the 2014 season. There you can find out, for example, which record Williams has broken, what was special about the podium and when and why only 'straight' World Championship points were awarded.


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