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Crazy Stats Brazilian GP 2018: Late revenge for Montoya crash

Crazy Stats GP Brazil 2018
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D he race in Brazil seemed to be over . But then the fans at the Autodromo Carlos Pace suddenly pulled out of their seats on lap 44. Max Verstappen and Esteban Ocon did not agree on the right of way in the Senna-S and boxed each other off the track. Hamilton thanked him and took the win.

The collision between the two Formula 3 title rivals in 2014 sparked long discussions after the race. But it is not so rare that a leader crashes into someone who has been lapped and then fails. Such a case has even occurred in the Verstappen family - albeit with reversed roles.

Verstappen crashes in Montoya

In 2001, coincidentally on the same route in Sao Paulo, front runner Juan-Pablo Montoya had already overtaken Jos Verstappen with his Williams-BMW when the crash occurred. The Dutchman's Arrows crashed into the stern of the leader and shaved off the wing. For Verstappen, a suspension damage at the left front ended. In addition, he received a fine of 15,000 US dollars from the FIA.

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Montoya was left with the rear wing torn off.

The sound was At that time, however, a little friendlier than 17 years later: “I saw the blue flags and drove all the way to the right. Then he quickly got back on the racing line and braked very early. I couldn't avoid the collision, ”said Verstappen Senior, explaining the collision from his point of view. “I was very sorry when I heard that he had led the race.”

Montoya, too, commented on the unnecessary retirement at the time, surprisingly cautious: “Of course I amdisappointed. It wasn't exactly one of the best days of my life. Verstappen probably hit me because he braked too late. I braked where I always braked. But he was a few meters later. Then we just touched each other. ”

Senna collides three times while lapping

The fans in Spa-Francorchamps in 1998 saw a little bit more heated when Michael Schumacher saw David Coulthard driving slowly in the rain overlooked and crashed into the stern of the Scot. In doing so, Schumi dismantled the right front wheel. The attempt to confront the McLaren driver in the garage failed because the rigorous mechanics were blocked.

McLaren missed the perfect season due to the Senna retirement in Monza in 1988.

Ayrton Senna was in the lead three times with lapped pilots. The accident with Williams debutant Jean-Louis Schlesser in Monza in 1988 is certainly still fondly remembered by many fans. Back then, it was the only race of the season that McLaren couldn't win. A year later it was Martin Brundle who Senna overlooked in the rain of Adelaide, which meant the premature end of the race.

And again a year later, at the home game in Interlagos of all places, the national hero collided with his, to the horror of the fans old Lotus teammate Satoru Nakajima. Senna was able to continue the race after changing her nose, but in the end had to be content with third place. Alain Prost dusted off the victory, Gerhard Berger finished second.

Berger crash before fuel failure

Speaking of Berger: The Austrian was also involved in a collision as the leader. In Adelaide 1988 Ferrari tried to cause a stir early in the race with increased boost pressure. It was clear, however, that the fuel with the pace would not reach the finish line. But then it was over in lap 23. Plagued by a braking problem, Berger crashed his hairpin into René Arnoux's ligier.

In our Crazy Stats we of course not only collected facts and figures about the Verstappen crash in Brazil. A look at the gallery also reveals which record Hamilton Vettel can steal in Abu Dhabi, when McLaren was last so bad atQualifying was and what record the Ferrari mechanics set in Sao Paulo.


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