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Crashgate affair: Renault pays ex-driver Piquet compensation

Crashgate affair
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D he lawyer of the Piquets announced that the French team on Tuesday expressed his regret at the events of the Singapore Grand Prix in September 2008 in the High Court in London. The team admitted that their allegations at the time were false.

Renault accused the Piquets of lying

Piquet jr. had deliberately crashed into the wall at the night race on the instructions of the then team boss Flavio Briatore. His team-mate Fernando Alonso profited most from the subsequent safety car phase and won the race.

After the scandal became known after the season, the International Automobile Federation FIA Briatore and the then Technical Director Pat Symonds closed out of Formula 1 for several years. The Piquets had published that the accident in Singapore was caused intentionally. The Renault officials accused the two of lying. The team also released the son of the three-time champion after the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix in the middle of the season.


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