Crash Silverstone 2021: Verstappen vs. Hamilton

Great Britain GP

At Red Bull, after the crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, hearty words were found towards the Mercedes camp. The insults ranged from "unsporting" to "amateur mistakes" to "unworthy of a seven-time world champion". The sentence was also criticized.

It took around four and a half hours for Max Verstappen to speak for the first time after his crash at Silverstone. The flight to a local hospital was short, but the anger at the worst crash of his career was far from gone. Sensors on the car recorded a negative deceleration of 51g as the Red Bull smashed into the barrier at the 290kph Cops corner.

That's why the accident pilot was sent to the hospital for a proper scan after the first check in the medical center. Above all, the persistent dizziness worried the doctors, which is why the Dutchman was examined closely for possible head injuries. Thanks to the high safety standards in the premier class, the scene ended lightly.

Marko demands suspension for Hamilton

"Luckily I'm fine," said Verstappen in a short statement on social media. "Obviously I'm very disappointed to have been taken out of the race in this way. Unfortunately, the penalty that was imposed doesn't help us any further. And it doesn't do justice to Lewis' dangerous maneuver either."

Hamilton received a time penalty of ten seconds for contact with the Red Bull, but that didn't stop the Englishman from winning the race. The anger in the camp of the competition was correspondingly great.

Head of sport Helmut Marko called for a drastic penalty even before the verdict was pronounced: "You can clearly see that Hamilton hit Max's right rear wheel with his left front wheel. That was negligent to dangerous behavior. I don't even know what the sports laws call a high penalty For me, such reckless, dangerous behavior should be punished with a ban or something."

Attack after sprint defeat

Team boss Christian Horner fired off several broadsides: "I hope Lewis is happy with himself. He kept his bike in a corner where you just don't do it. He wasn't even near the front. He's had more than enough experience to know that's not acceptable. I'm disappointed that something like this could happen to a rider of his caliber. He's a seven-time world champion but it was an amateur mistake. That's why it was It ended up being a rotten win for me."

Horner believes that Hamilton was still disappointed from the day before: "It looked like a desperate act to me. Lewis was probably still under the influence of the lost sprint and allowed himself to be carried away to such a thoughtless manoeuvre.I don't know if the viewers played a role or if he was just over motivated. In the end he completely miscalculated. He knew that he probably wouldn't see Max again that afternoon if he got through this corner well."

Hamilton even admitted after the race that he still had the sprint in the back of his mind on the opening lap: "In the day before that i tried to attack left in front of copse but it didn't work. I was annoyed afterwards that I didn't try it inside. So this time I faked the outside and stabbed the inside. I was right next to him, but he didn't want to give in."

Sentence too low?

The experts argued in the paddock whether it was a normal racing accident that didn't actually deserve a penalty, or whether the sentence was too mild Horner had a clear opinion on that: "He was off the line and never would have gotten the curve. This maneuver was hopeless from the start. At Leclerc he later did the same thing again. If Leclerc hadn't swerved then it would have been the same."

The penalty was correspondingly too mild: "If you take another driver to the hospital and then still win the race despite the penalty, it doesn't feel like a penalty very much on," Horner scoffed. "He put a competitor's health at risk. Luckily, the bruises were relatively light. But the whole action was of course very annoying and disappointing for us."

At Mercedes, the whole action was much more relaxed. "Everyone has their own opinion. And that's a good thing," said Toto Wolff. "When two great drivers fight each other and nobody wants to give in, then something like that happens. Such a dance always takes two. If the corner were a little slower, we wouldn't have any discussions here."

Go to race control

Horner was also annoyed that Mercedes wanted to influence the FIA ​​commissioners before the announcement. Wolff first sent race director Michael Masi an e- Mail, in which arguments were listed that spoke for a normal racing accident. However, the FIA ​​referee rebuffed the Mercedes team boss. Wolff therefore made his way personally to the commissioners' office during the interruption.

Horner criticized this behavior: "I saw that Toto wanted to influence the stewards. That's why I went, so that our side of the story would also be heard. In general, however, I am of the opinion that the teams have no place with the stewards during the race. They have to be able to make their decision in peace."

Wolff defended his visit to the FIA ​​office: "I heard that Red Bull complained to Michael (Masi) about all the evil in the world. That's why I went up to describe my point of view.I've been to the stewards many times in my life."

Disrespectful Hamilton celebrations

Incidentally, Verstappen was also annoyed by the behavior of his World Cup rival after the race. Hamilton ran over the home stretch with the British flag from Parc Fermé to celebrate with his fans. "I watched the cheering scenes while I was still in the hospital," reports the Dutchman. "It was disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behavior for me."

Hamilton didn't want to add fuel to the fire and refrained from a verbal counterattack: "I know how it feels when emotions run high. That's why sometimes it's better to take a back seat."

The world champion is hoping for a learning effect: "Of course you don't want to win like that. But things like that happen sometimes. I hope that he's fine and that we'll do many more races against each other. Of course we should learn from such incidents . It's never just anyone's fault. Max is definitely one of the most aggressive drivers in the field. We have to find a good balance on the track and give each other space so that we can fight each other without collisions."


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