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Course modification GP Singapore: New overtaking point for street circuit

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Route modification GP Singapore
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I n Singapore is preparing for the Grand Prix The race on September 20th has been in full swing since April. The construction work needs more than 5 months in advance every year. 2,600 pieces of concrete wall, 1,700 TecPro safety bands, 10 kilometers of security fence and 1,500 halogen projectors transform the Marina Bay district into a Formula 1 track.

More space for overtaking maneuvers

The assembly is already routine for the approximately 10,000 workers. But in 2016 the course of the route will be changed a little. Curve 11 is now drawn a little further to the left and thus narrower. Turn 12 has also been modified in order to now lead the pilots to the left side of the Anderson Bridge over the river.

At 200 km /h it goes on the tight hairpin (turn 13), which this year widened by a meter. This should improve the overtaking opportunities. The entrances for spectators have also been optimized in the course of the renovation work, as the organizers emphasize.

The lap length in Singapore is shortened

Course manager Jonathan Gisecke is hoping for more action: 'I expect us by modifying corners 11 to 13, see closer duels and increase the potential for additional overtaking maneuvers. ' The FIA ​​has already approved the change to the layout.

The track length will be shortened somewhat due to the conversion. How many meters is not yet known. The entertainment program off the track is once again provided in Singapore. Music stars such as Pharrell Williams, Maroon 5 and Bon Jovi were hired for the traditional concerts in front of the paddock.


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