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Cost control on the agenda: Jean Todt wants to help private teams

Cost brake on the agenda
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D hat will be a marathon session in Geneva. On Tuesday (November 25, 2014), the F1 strategy group will meet first, then the Formula 1 commission. The privileged teams Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, McLaren and Williams are represented in the strategy group. Plus Lotus, six representatives each from FIA and FOM.

Afterwards, all teams are allowed to vote within the Formula 1 commission. Plus the FIA, FOM, the promoters, tire suppliers, engine manufacturers and sponsors. Only topics that have been waved through beforehand by the strategy group are passed on to the Formula 1 Commission for voting.

That is exactly the problem. Last time, FIA President Jean Todt's request for a cost cap did not make it through the panel. The teams and the FOM were closed against it. 'Lotus too,' complains Todt. 'Now they are begging for a cost reduction.'

Lotus boss Gerard Lopez specifies: 'We were against budget caps because we believe that the manufacturers cannot check them. Instead, we wanted effective resource restrictions and development brakes. And nobody wanted that. '

Manufacturers wanted the new engines

Given the crisis mood in the Formula 1 make a second attempt to vote on a cost limit. And he brings three more points to the agenda. 'I want the private teams to get affordable engines, that we find solutions how we can keep all teams on board and that we work out suggestions on how we can improve the show.'

At least when it comes to engine dispute, Todt is confident that an agreement can be reached: 'The manufacturers wanted the current engines. So they have to make sure that they can be paid for.'

The subject of development will also come up. 'It only makes sense to freeze development when the individual engines are roughly at the same level. On the other hand, we can't punish Mercedes now for doing a good job.'

The call to return to The old V8 or the change to a V6 twin-turbo formula is out of the question for Todt: 'This is sheer nonsense. We're not doing the sport a favor with these discussions.'

Jean Todt does not want to be a dictator

Todt knows that his second attempt to reduce costs in the premier class could also fail. He accepts it. His critics accuse him of having to be more determined in this case. 'What should I do? I cannot determine new rules by virtue of my office. We have certain decision-making paths that we have to stick to. If the majority of the teams are against saving, I have to accept that. That is democracy. '

The accusation that the strategy group is a superfluous authority because sensitive issues such as a cost brake do not even make it into the Formula 1 Commission, in which the small teams are then represented, Todt does not apply. 'If the strategy group votes 6-0 against a budget limit, it would be 6-5 in the Formula 1 commission. That's still not enough. '

The FIA ​​President doesn't believe in third cars or customer teams.' If there are only nine teams next year, there will only be 18 cars at the start. We've had a time in Moto GP when there were only 16 bikes at the start. '


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