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Company cars for F1 drivers: The hot sledges of Formula 1

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Company cars of the F1 drivers and team bosses
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D he variety is great. From the compact sports car Renault Mégane R.S. From off-road vehicles such as the Mercedes G-Class in the G 63 stage to noble GT sports cars such as the Aston Martin DB11, there is something for every taste in the driver's parking lot in Silverstone.

A car stands out among the expensive ones But slide out. Its orange hue immediately catches the eye. The McLaren P1 crouches low, crouches over the asphalt and looks as dynamic as a tiger when it is hunting. The hybrid super sports car unleashes 916 hp, combining a double-charged V8 and an electric motor. The car doesn't belong to a pilot, but to McLaren boss Zak Brown.

Motorsport Images
In Budapest the parking spaces are conveniently reserved with name tags.

McLaren -Hierarchy shows up in company cars

Its drivers have to get by with a few less horsepower. The 570S from rookie Lando Norris cannot exactly be described as underpowered. Carlos Sainz, who has been racing in Formula 1 for four years longer than his team mate, is getting a little more horses from the in-house fleet as befits his standing. A brand new 720S is ready for the Spaniard.

But McLaren is not the only racing team with sporty company cars. At Ferrari, the F1 drivers are of course also allowed to drive the street models with the jumping horse. Sebastian Vettel has chosen a 488 Pista from the model range in Maranello. Charles Leclerc has always driven a GTC4 Lusso on public roads in the last few races.

Even the Red Bull drivers have no reason to complain about the choice of their company carconcerns. Max Verstappen rolled to work in Budapest with an Aston Martin DB11. Pierre Gasly, now an ex-team-mate, got a new Vantage. Only the employees of the Toro Rosso B-Team drive the cars from engine partner Honda. Two Civic Type Rs are always ready for Alexander Albon, who drives for Red Bull after the summer break, and Daniil Kvyat.

Motorsport Images
Daniel Ricciardo changes from Aston Martin to a Renault compact car.

Ricciardo has to lose weight

Last year Daniel Ricciardo also enjoyed an Aston Martin company car. But after switching to Renault, the Australian is now baking smaller rolls. It is common for the French for pilots to do their business trips in a Mégane R.S. complete - in bright yellow, of course.

In the picture gallery, we tell you what the stars of the premier class are with. And we show the pictures of the company cars of F1 bosses Chase Carey and Ross Brawn.


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