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Cleanly given away points: & # 34; I didn't recognize my car & # 34;

Neatly given away points
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B at the GP India it was a brake disc. In Abu Dhabi an early release for Nico Hülkenberg after his second pit stop. A jammed wheel nut had delayed the stop by just under a second. And then Sauber got into the window, where it became critical to send Hulkenberg off without hindering the rushing Sergio Perez.

Was the sentence too harsh for Hülkenberg?

The stewards decided on a dangerous action. For Hülkenberg, that meant a drive-through penalty. This is not the first time this has happened to Sauber. At the Spanish GP, Hülkenberg also had to go through the pits as a punishment.

Team manager Beat Zehnder said that this time the penalty didn't necessarily have to be given. 'Abu Dhabi has a wide pit lane. In these cases, the rule applies that two cars can drive out side by side. Perez was not hindered by Nico. He neither had to brake nor swerve. Perhaps the stewards decided so hard because Nico was aggressive in the fast Lane has turned. ' The penalty cost Sauber two championship points. 'Nico would have ended up behind Massa, but in front of Sutil and Perez', believes Zehnder.

'A fight from the first to the last round'

Nico Hulkenberg had a big neck. First they stole a ninth place from him, then he had to go to the doping test with Fernando Alonso and Jules Bianchi. 'To say that was big bullshit would be to put it mildly. I didn't recognize my car today. The balance was different in every corner. Sometimes oversteer, sometimes understeer. That was a fight from the first to the last lap. I don't know. what happened to our car. ' Hülkenberg was the only one who did not see the decisive scene in the pit lane. 'I only noticed that Perez was next to me when my race engineer yelled in my ear. It was already too late.'


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