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Cleanly disgraced Williams & amp; McLaren: every upgrade fits!

Cleanly disgraced Williams and McLaren
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E lf races, seven times in the Points ranks. That is not the result of a top team, but of Sauber. Last year, the Swiss racing team was by far the last in the field. After eleven races, the Swiss are safely in 9th place. Before the summer break, Toro Rosso should be cracked. Red Bull's B-Team is only two points ahead.

In terms of speed, Sauber could even be dangerous for McLaren and Force India. But the gap of 41 points is already too big. The Sauber C37 has established itself in midfield since the triple. Charles Leclerc is a regular in Q3. The Renault was only two tenths missing in Hockenheim and half a second on HaasF1. Force India, McLaren, Toro Rosso and Williams looked into the exhaust of the Sauber.

Every race new parts on the Sauber

Clean completely rebuilt the side pods. From the summer break, however, development on the current car will be stopped.

Since the Monaco GP, the engineers have been adding new parts to the car at every race . And they all worked as promised by the simulation. “Five points of downforce in the wind tunnel are five points for us. There have been times when it was minus two, 'says team boss Frédéric Vasseur happily.

His strategy of upgrading the car in small steps has paid off. “It was also born a little out of necessity because we don't have the production capacity to constantly build large packages”.

But Vasseur also says: “Small steps help to understand. When a major aero upgrade doesn't work, figuring out which ones are hard to findElements are to blame. ”Big brother Ferrari does the same thing, by the way. Also with success.

In a comparison of all development stages of Sauber this season, the upgrade from Hockenheim was the biggest. A modified air flow inside the car improved the airflow, reduced the air resistance and allows the hot air to enter the open air in more favorable places. For example on the cockpit sides. As a consequence, the stern can be closed more. In addition, additional wings on the chassis optimize the flow to the rear.

Already in the pit stop top 10

After the Leclerc problem in Silverstone, Sauber wanted to take it a little slower at the pit stops.

Sauber has also improved in other disciplines. Although the mechanic crew installed an additional check at the pit stop after the mishap at Silverstone, Sauber also made it into the top ten at Hockenheim with two tire changes. Marcus Ericsson's stop was third fastest with 2.33 seconds, one of Leclerc's tire changes came in 8th with 2.81 seconds.

Vasseur is calm about the pit stop statistics: “I prefer points. But the ranking is a good motivation for our boys. It shows them that you can achieve something as a team if you focus on certain things. The special training in winter paid off. ”

Tactically, too, Sauber keeps up with its direct competitors. Hockenheim was a good example, even if Leclerc's switch to intermediates turned out to be a mistake. But at least Sauber split the tactics. HaasF1, Renault and Williams put everything on the intermediate card with both cars.

“Leclerc was in 11th place, so we took the risk with him. Had he been in 6th place, we would have switched to slicks. With Ericsson we deliberately used the other tactic. So we could be sure that one of the two was right, ”reveals Vasseur.

Sauber is attractive again for drivers

It has not yet been clarified who will drive at Sauber next year. Vasseur has to wait for Ferrari to call. And that can aftersudden death of Sergio Marchionne last. If Charles Leclerc becomes Sebastian Vettel's team-mate in 2019, Sauber will have to look for an alternative.

But the team boss is not really worried: “We are now interesting for drivers who haven't even thought about us beforehand have. ”In Hockenheim, for example, Stoffel Vandoornes manager hunkered down in the Sauber Motorhome


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