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Clean with the last Evo level: Hülk continues to hope for an upward trend

Clean with the last Evo level
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Z twelve points in two races. That is an announcement. Sauber caught up with McLaren, left Force India, Toro Rosso and Williams behind. Nico Hülkenberg is confident that this trend will continue in the last six races: 'I am already expecting that we can drive where we were in the last races.'

Sauber's last technology- Update

The technology department at Sauber is stepping on the gas again. The last facelift is coming to the car in Korea. It is the third attempt to use the rear brake ventilation to optimize not only the cooling, but also the flow around the rear wheels. 'The hot air no longer escapes through the rim, but is blown off on the inside of the wheel,' explains chief engineer Tom McCullough.

Other teams provided the template. This improves the flow around the rear wheels and thus also the effectiveness of the diffuser and rear wing. In addition, additional fins were attached to the brake ventilation shafts to generate additional downforce.

Silverstone test was the decisive step

The decisive step for Sauber was the expansion stage, which was tried out for the first time at the Young Drivers Test in Silverstone. The technicians went back to the path with the exhaust that was invented in 2012 but abandoned again with the 2013 car. The tailpipes blow on a ramp at the end of the side pods. The natural flow around the side pods is sucked off in two channels on the floor.

Tom McCoullough once again: 'With this solution, we bring the exhaust gases to the diffuser gap better and with more energy. We noticed immediately that the rear has stabilized when turning in and out of the bends. We have also managed to get the problems with the rear wing out of the way. That has improved the balance. The car has become more predictable. And that helps the drivers. '


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