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Clean vs. Mercedes
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S auber is robbing itself of the hard work this year. The Swiss point curve is reminiscent of the mountain panorama around the factory in Hinwil. Podium places and zero numbers alternated in 2012 with great regularity. The only constant thing about the output of the traditional teams was the inconsistency.

The engineers are not responsible for the large variations in shape. 'We saw that the car is basically very competitive - on the most varied of tracks and under the most varied of conditions,' said team boss Monisha Kaltenborn proudly.

But the big attack on fifth place in the Constructors' Cup had to be postponed again and again recently will. In Spa, both pilots were knocked out in a promising position through no fault of their own. In Singapore, the safety car got in the way of the strategy. In Suzuka and Korea they had bad luck with yellow flags in qualifying.

Own mistakes put Sauber under pressure

Bad luck is Kaltenborn's excuse, but not. 'Sometimes the team makes a mistake, sometimes the driver makes a mistake. There were very different factors.' The two drivers recently gave away important points with their aggressive driving style. Sergio Perez fell out in Suzuka due to a mistake in the fight with Hamilton. Kamui Kobayashi crashed in Korea when he braked a little too late in turn three.

'Of course it's bad when we experience things like this in situations like now, when the pressure from behind is getting bigger and we are only We still have four races to make up for the deficit, 'said Kaltenborn, looking at the overall situation.

The mistakes made by the drivers in the last few races are particularly painful. But according to the team boss, setting the drivers to secure points is not that easy. 'It's very difficult to say something like that to a driver. In the end, he has to know for himself: If he does well, the team does well too. That is a win-win situation for both of them.'

Sauber faster than Mercedes

Although Sauber has recently given away many points, Sauber is still optimistic about the future. Kaltenborn can even get something positive from the Korea zero number. 'We saw that even on a track like Korea we are doing well in relation to the competition ahead of us.'

Because of the long straights and the tight corners, more resistance from Mercedes was expected at Yeongam. In the end there wasbut nothing countable for the Silver Arrows either. The law graduate, however, warns against just looking blindly to fifth place. 'The pressure has grown just as much from behind. If we say that we can make the 20 points forward, then our pursuers will also say that they can close the gap.'

Force India has caught up eight points in Korea and are now just 27 points behind Sauber. However, Kaltenborn does not allow the feeling that fifth place has already been given away. 'You can't say that now. We mustn't give up. Everything is still possible. The most important thing is that at the end of the year we say: We have tried everything.'


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