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Clean in free fall: Bad cards in the end of the season

Wolfgang Wilhelm
Clean in free fall
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N after the race in Delhi, Peter Sauber had it all made comfortable a camping chair in front of the Sauber pavilion. While the team around him was packing the suitcases, the boss drew on his cigar as always and looked back over the Grand Prix.

However, he didn't have much fun with it. For the fourth time this year there was only a measly point for the Swiss. Sergio Perez finished tenth. 'We were clearly better than Renault. We are at least on a par with Force India. If you can see where we started, that is definitely something positive,' said the 68-year-old.

Perez mistake costs two points

In the end, Perez’s mistake was decisive in training. Like Hamilton, the Mexican had ignored the yellow flags and had been downgraded three starting positions. 'Without the mistake in training you could have scored two points more,' calculated Sauber.

Team-mate Kamui Kobayashi has also recently come under criticism. Six zero numbers in a row are now on the Japanese account. With only two points from the last nine races, the overtaking specialist has not yet found a way to stop the downward trend. In India, round one was over. After the crash with Maldonado, a torn oil pipe caused the end.

Toro Rosso now level on points with Sauber

Sauber also knows that seventh place in the Constructors' Cup cannot be defended with such results . 'The basic impression for the championship is obviously bad,' admits the team boss. In the last two races alone, main rival Toro Rosso was able to equalize a twelve-point deficit.

Sauber is still mourning the lost points from the season opener in Melbourne. At that time, Perez and Kobayashi had to surrender their points for positions seven and eight after the FIA ​​discovered irregularities on the rear wings. 'Without the very clumsy start, Toro Rosso would not be an issue for us,' explains Sauber.

Red Bull help for Toro Rosso?

That you can finally deal with the Racing team from Faenza has to struggle, is also due to the big development step in Korea. At Sauber, one wonders how the enormous increase in performance of the small Red Bull sister team was possible. Did the big brother from Milton Keynes have a hand in this?

There will be a big counterattack in thein the last two races. 'In terms of performance, nothing is changed on the car,' explains Sauber. Otherwise there is little reason to hope. 'The two racetracks should suit us very well. But unfortunately they suit the others too.'


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