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Clean in China: wind tunnel data do not match reality

Clean in China
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D he Sauber C32 is one of the exotic ones in the Formula 1 field . With his extremely narrow side pods, chief engineer Matt Morris took an unusual route. Before the season started, it looked like the courage to take risks might be rewarded. The situation looks different after two races. After his first completed Grand Prix in Malaysia, Nico Hülkenberg announced on the radio: 'We still have a lot of work to do.'

New Rear wing in China

And rookie Esteban Gutierrez, who quickly joined his new team, says: 'There is still a lot of room for improvement.' Both Gutierrez and Hülkenberg are sure that the team now understands the problems.

The weak point is in the back of the car. Esteban Gutierrez says: 'We have a few problems with the stability in the rear.' Allegedly, the data from the wind tunnel speak a completely different language than reality. To respond to the problems, Sauber tested a new rear wing on Friday, among other things. First Hülkenberg took to the track with the new version, later Gutierrez also got the new copy on the car. In the second training session, Gutierrez ranks 13th and Hülkenberg ranked 17th.

Hülkenberg optimistic

'The new rear wing is definitely a step forward,' said Hülkenberg. 'But we don't yet know how big the step will be. The gap forwards is pretty big.' In any case, the time from the second training cannot be used for assessment. 'Hülk' got in the way of Mercedes while trying to do a fast lap on the soft tire. 'But the new wing gives you the feeling of having more grip and it is also good for tire wear. There is even more potential in it.'


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