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Christian Klien is back in Formula 1 in Singapore

Christian Klien back in Formula 1
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T he news about Christian Klien's comeback came on Friday (September 24th) out of the blue. Sakon Yamamoto is said to have contracted food poisoning in Singapore. From the environment of the Japanese one could also hear the version that Yamamoto should sit completely healthy in his hotel room and pass the time with video games.

Rumor has it in the paddock that Klien was promised a race at HRT when he signed up. In the second training session, the Austrian's Hispania bolide was already equipped with the 'Christian' logo on the side box, which was organized at short notice. Team boss Colin Kolles denies that the exchange was planned in advance. Even the driver himself was clueless. 'I was very surprised when I heard about my commitment. But of course I was very happy,' said Klien, describing his reaction to the teammate's sick note.

Klien is given preference over Chandhok

It was a bit of a surprise, however, that Klien was given preference over Karun Chandhok. In the first half of the season, the Indian was part of HRT's permanent staff alongside Bruno Senna and is sure to know the car a little better after ten Grand Prix starts. 'Christian was the first choice. He deserves the effort,' said team boss Kolles, explaining the decision. 'Karun already had his chance.'

Klien tried to make the best of the possibilities on Friday. His expectations with the completely inferior car are low. 'I haven't set myself a big goal. I was in the car under racing conditions for the first time since 2006. It was more about getting to know everything and working step by step. You shouldn't think: I'll get into the car now and I'll be able to do it right away.' go to everybody else's ears. '

Klien makes a difficult comeback

Klien does not put himself under pressure. Knowing that he can also drive on Sunday, the 27-year-old took it easy. On the first few meters from Singapore, he first had to acclimate himself. 'The track is very difficult. The conditions in the car are extremely tough because it's really hot. You sweat extremely,' reports the Vorarlberg resident.

However, progress could be seen quickly. 'From the first to the second session I was able to improve significantly. I then felt comfortable relatively quickly on the hard tire. I'm already in with thatValencia and Barcelona drove. '

Problems on a fast lap

The only thing that didn't work so well with the soft rubbers.' I lost some time because the setup wasn't yet fit perfectly. I also have a bit of trouble converting my performance to a fast lap. I still lack the experience from recent years. We will practice that again in the third training session. '


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