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Carspotting Montreal: hot boxes in little Monaco

Carspotting Montreal
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14 days ago we gave you the impressive>> C arspotting -Gallery from Monaco shown. As is well known, people in the Principality have enough coal to make their automobile dreams come true. But not everyone expected that there would also be loads of gems on four wheels rolling through the streets in Montreal.

Sports car parade in Montreal

While the people of Monaco are more into high-priced luxury vehicles, it's a bit sportier in Montreal. At the roadside are rows of Porsches, Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren. Of course, US racers like Corvette or Viper drove in front of our lenses. We can state at this point: In the street canyons of downtown Montreal, a sparkling 12-cylinder sounds even more furious.

In addition to exclusive off-the-peg athletes, we were also able to photograph rows of crazy exotic species. You don't see a BMW X6 in complete chrome paint every day. Neither does a pimped monster lobster. Traditionally, SUVs in North America are known to be slightly larger than in Europe.

Montreal had some cool and curious boxes to offer. In our gallery we show you the result of our little carspotting hunt.


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