Carspotting Monaco 2022: Stand out at all costs

Monaco GP 2022

As part of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, we once again went on the hunt for the latest toys from the super-rich. In the gallery we show you what rolled in front of our lenses during car spotting.

Everything was a little different in Monte Carlo this year. Formula 1 drivers normally do their first practice laps on Thursdays. Friday used to be – as the name suggests – a day off. But for 2022, the organizers had the traditional Monaco schedule adapted to the course of the other 21 races. Training didn't start until Friday afternoon.

Without the longer break in the middle of the race weekend, it wasn't just a bit more stressful for the drivers and engineers. We at auto motor und sport also had to adapt. Normally we always used Friday to go extensively on a car spotting tour in the streets of Monaco. But now the track was closed for racing until 7.30 p.m., which severely restricted the freedom of movement.

So there was a little less time than usual during the little stroll through town in the evening. But that's not a problem in Monaco. Here, exclusive luxury cars and powerful super sports cars drive in front of the lens every minute. The Grand Prix attracts horsepower enthusiasts from all over the world to the principality every year. And they usually brought their car treasures directly with them.

Next to the casino, the Hotel Hermitage is the most important hotspot for hot boxes. This year, however, a particularly unusual vehicle was parked in front of the luxury hostel. Some solvent guest had apparently arrived in a Batmobile. The black monster apparently had a long journey behind it. A Ukrainian license plate was attached to the front. Of course, the six and a half meter long replica of the film car was not only targeted by car spotters.

Attention at all costs

Just a few meters further in front of the Hotel Metropole we discover another, no less conspicuous vehicle. The Lamborghini Urus from reality TV star Robert Geiss catches the eye from afar, which is mainly due to the neon green foiling. The Italian fighting bull is by no means a child of sadness, but its celebrity owner later gave it a wide body kit from Prior Design.

Elegant is different. But you can argue about taste, as we all know. Whether you have to pack a McLaren Senna completely in a shiny gold vinyl dress is also a question to which there is no reasonable answer. The influencer millionaire Pooyan Mokhtari, who was born in Iran, made it easy and parked his super athlete, registered in England, directly in front of the casino. The "piece of gold" was sure to attract the attention of passers-by.

You can see what other prey we were able to catch during our car spotting hunt in Monaco in the slide show.


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