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Carspotting GP Monaco 2018: Supercar Show in the Principality

Carspotting GP Monaco 2018
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M onaco is the grand prix of superlatives. It's the race of the year in Formula 1. On the track, the 20 steering wheel artists snake their way between the guardrails at a millimeter distance. The fat ships of millionaires and billionaires anchor in the yacht harbor. In the evenings the big parties take place.

There is plenty of high-octane to see off the streets that make up the 3.337 kilometer long course. Although the narrow streets are hard to move, the principality is littered with supercars. “I prefer to take the scooter or walk,” says Max Verstappen, who lives in Monaco. But for the stars and starlets, it's about being seen. In a Ferrari F12 tdf, Lamborghini Aventador or Rolls Royce Ghost you are more likely than on a scooter, in a Fiat Panda, Smart or Peugeot 206 CC.

Even the rich are normal people

Super sports car fans can no longer stop being amazed and taking photos. A Ferrari LaFerrari in camouflage dress and a 599 GTO stand next to each other behind a barrier chain. Two super sports cars with a V12 engine. The 599 GTO saddles 670 hp, which arise from the V12 with a 65 degree bank angle. The LaFerrari has around 300 hp more power. Which is not only due to the twelve-cylinder, but also to the additional hybrid system. In addition to the two Italian super sports cars, the BMW i8 fades into a supporting actor. Fittingly, a Mercedes V220d parks it.

All you have to do is stand on the side of the road. You don't have to wait long and the expensive and powerful cars crawl past you. For example a Mercedes-AMG GT S. Also in a camouflage look. Or McLaren 720S, Porsche 911 GT3 and Bentley Continental Convertible.

Fans of classic cars are not neglected either. How about a Ferrari 365 GTB4 from the late 1960s? With a 4.4-liter V12, 350 hp and 431 Newton meters. A Jaguar E-Type convertible is parked just a few meters away, with four tissue packs in its storage compartment. Yes, even the rich are normal people.

In our photo show we show you the expensive, fast and noble cars from Monaco.


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