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Carspotting GP Abu Dhabi 2019: sports cars and luxury cars

Carspotting GP Abu Dhabi 2019
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M doesn't have to be long on the Yas Island of Abu Dhabi looking for supercars. A few expensive hotels are located at Yas Plaza, a stone's throw from the racetrack. This is exactly where they, the Ferraris, Lamborghinis and McLarens, wait until the valet parking service fetches them from the underground car park and drives their owners to the hotel entrance. Or the other way around. The owners park them on the forecourt and hand over the keys to their expensive toys.

What kind of sports cars and luxury cars did we see in front of our lenses on our tour? In front of one of the hotels, four sweets are lined up one behind the other. A 963 hp LaFerrari in the lead. Behind it is a Ferrari 458 Italia. Another 458 peers into the three central exhaust pipes. However, the Speciale with a 605 hp eight-cylinder naturally aspirated engine. At the end of the row lurks a Mercedes-AMG GT R with a rear wing and a supercharged four-liter V8.

Ferrari LaFerrari and three other top sports cars behind it: The rich in Abu Dhabi can afford it.

Scaly Mercedes-AMG

The Ferrari myth fascinates the rich people in the emirate. We see no other exclusive luxury sports car brand as often as Ferrari. But in Abu Dhabi McLaren, Lamborghini, Mercedes and Porsche are also popular. The main thing is that the cars have a lot of boom. The (super) sports cars can only be driven out on the racetrack. There is a speed limit of 140 km /h on the motorway. It feels like there are flashing systems every two kilometers.

What the Sheikh also seems to like, are big cars. Those of the caliber Hummer H2 and Ford Raptor. Or Lamborghini Urus. No SUV movesas sporty as the Lambo on the racetrack.

A Ford F550 is parked in front of the W-Hotel on the racetrack. The super track was converted into a stretch limousine. While the driver moves back and forth several times to turn, those behind have to be patient. A second car catches the fans and onlookers in the eye: a Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S. The power SUV sizzles in the blazing sun at over 25 degrees. The body is covered with a kind of fish skin. The flaky AMG is one of the eye-catchers. Like it or not.

You want to see the cars mentioned? Then take a look at our gallery.


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