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Carspotting GP Abu Dhabi 2018: The Sheikh is upgrading

Carspotting GP Abu Dhabi 2018
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One can only smile wearily in Abu Dhabi at the current discussion about rising fuel prices in Europe. Here the oil still gushes extensively from the desert sand. At 57 cents per liter, consumption plays only a subordinate role when buying a car. The size of the tank is more important so that you don't have to queue at the gas pump so often.

The fuel price and the large number of millionaires have a lasting effect on the streetscape. If the golf class dominates the city centers in Germany, SUVs are clearly in the majority in Abu Dhabi. However, not compact would-be off-roaders like Tiguan, Mokka & Co. but real luxury all-wheel drives like a Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga or the Mercedes G-Class.

Mercedes G-Class gets an update

Speaking of the G-Class: Just a few months ago, the Stuttgart-based carmaker presented the new generation of its angular classic. When looking at the streets of Abu Dhabi, one could think that the entire production has since been carted directly to the Arabian Gulf. The sheikh has barely replaced his old model with the successor on the market. Of course in the AMG G63 variant.

Luxury limousines and sports cars - everything that is exclusive and expensive rolls through Abu Dhabi.

In Abu Dhabi, there are many cars rolling around on the streets that in Germany can only be seen at the IAA. Of course, among the many SUVs, expensive sports cars from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Co ... To make the owners of the fast racers a little happier, the speed limit on the motorways was recently increased from 120 to 140 km /h.

Even one or the other electric car has made its way to Abu Dhabilost. However, one gets the feeling that the oil millionaires are only switching to Tesla & Co. because it's cool and hip and not for ecological reasons. We could not find power columns for refueling in downtown Abu Dhabi. At least on the open road, there is hardly any possibility of recharging the batteries.

Carspotting made easy

And the hotels also still have the coveted places directly in front of the entrance for high-horsepower gas guzzlers reserved. Expensive and fast cars are supposed to add shine to the hostels and attract new guests. For us this tradition is a godsend. It makes the carspotting hunt on the fringes of the Grand Prix weekend a little easier.

Whether in front of the exclusive Yas Hotel on the track or the hotels in the city center - the expensive exotic species are always unprotected. We also made big booty in the parking lot in front of the paddock. In the gallery you can see everything that rolled out in front of our lenses in the hunt for the fastest and most luxurious bodies.


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