Carspotting GP Abu Dhabi 2015

Carspotting GP Abu Dhabi 2015
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When we say a uto motor und sport test a vehicle, then points are deducted for particularly expensive models. If our magazine were also available in Arabic, the section on costs would actually have to be deleted. Obviously, the price does not play a major role for the sheikhs. On the contrary: the more opulent the price tag, the more attractive the car. The mobile pedestal is a prestige object here like nowhere else.

Carspotting for exotic Abu Dhabi

And because the action on the streets of Abu Dhabi is so extraordinary, In 2015 we went on the hunt for the most exclusive models of the small emirate around the racetrack. As usual, we didn't have to search long. Street athletes and luxury cars are parked side by side in front of the luxury hotels at the gates of the Grand Prix course.

And as always, the oil millionaires have the latest models in their garage. In front of the Yas Hotel in the middle of the racetrack, a Porsche 918 Spyder rolls in front of us. A La Ferrari is being pulled up one luxury hostel away. Whether Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley or Aston Martin - everything drives around here that you only see at the auto show. Even exotic species like the Brabus G65 6x6 can be found here in the wild.

Batmobil advertises Yas-Hotel

The crazy four-wheel drive monster didn't attract most of the attention. The title of the most popular photo motif among fans went to a Batmobile replica that was parked in front of the Yas Hotel for advertising purposes. Hollywood fans will certainly not be enthusiastic about the fact that the marketing department of the luxury hostel also put their own stickers on the film car.

You will find the highlights of our carspotting session in Abu Dhabi in our photo gallery .


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