Carmen Jorda: How slow is the Renault driver?

Attack on Renault driver
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F It is well known that it is not easy for Formula 1 men to be rough in the men's world . Usually, however, it is rather discussed that the performance of the women is not sufficiently appreciated. Now, however, a driver has complained that Carmen Jorda has gained advantages because of her gender.

Marco Sörensen complained in the Danish newspaper 'Ekstra Bladet' about his former Lotus teammate: 'She was in simulator 12 Seconds slower than me. But she still bagged all the rewards. ' As a result, the young Scandinavian, who also competed in the WEC and GP2 in 2015, left the team in frustration.

Carmen Jorda counters Sörensen's criticism

At Jorda, she still does is under contract with Renault, the statements were of course not particularly well received. In the Spanish newspaper AS, she countered: 'I don't even know who he is. I never saw him at Enstone. He wasn't part of the team. He should concentrate on his career. He has no right to others or me Use special to highlight his achievements. '

When asked about the gap of 12 seconds, the development driver replied:' I can't believe he said that. I was more or less in the simulator last year In the range of a second to Grosjean. According to Sörensen's numbers he should be 11 seconds faster than Romain. All F1 teams would certainly sign him immediately. '

The Spaniard then again maliciously put on Twitter after: '12 seconds faster? I've been laughing about that for 12 hours now.' The New Zealand racing driver Richie Stanaway, who competed in GP3 with Jorda in 2014, apparently didn't find the whole thing funny: 'If you hadn't finished last in every GP3 race, people wouldn't be kidding either.' /p>

Sörensen also replied to the Jorda comments in the Danish newspaper 'BT': 'If Carmen Jorda really thinks that she is good enough for Formula 1, then good night Formula 1. You have to be just look at their results once. It's good that people can decide for themselves who has talent and who doesn't. '

Results speak against Jorda

Jorda is well advised not to to get involved in a mud fight with former companions. The results speak for themselves: in 44 GP3 races, she was unable to collect a single championship point. In the 3 years the Jorda was inIn the junior class, she landed 28th, 30th and 29th in the drivers' standings.

In defense of the pilot, it should be noted that the 12 seconds gap in the simulator mentioned by Sörensen is certainly not realistic. In the virtual world, the residues usually shrink a little. However, we do not want to hide the fact that Jorda was several seconds behind the top in some races of the GP3 standard series under comparable conditions.

That she was from Lotus in February 2015 mainly because of her gender and her good looks and the marketing opportunities was committed, was never denied by the racing team. The cameras are happy to capture the pretty lady from Valencia in the pits when there is not so much going on on the track. By the way, she has not completed a single race since her job as a development driver.

In our gallery we show a few more pictures of the hot blonde.


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