Carlos Sainz buys a Ferrari 812 Competizione

Carlos Sainz has treated himself to a new car. The Ferrari 812 Competizione is the first vehicle ever that the Spaniard bought himself. Before that, he used to drive a Golf GTI that his parents gave him nine years ago.

The excitement before the vehicle handover was great: "I'm not just a Ferrari driver now, I'm also a Ferrari customer," explained Carlos Sainz proudly in a video on his private social media channels. The works driver had already chosen a sports car from his employer’s model range in 2021, which has now finally been delivered.

In the end, the choice fell on a Ferrari 812 Competizione. "I chose this model because it differs in design from the other Ferraris. I really like the rear in particular. For me it's simply the most beautiful car I know," said Sainz enthusiastically about his new baby.

Ferrari with Sainz features

The performance model of the 812 Superfast, limited to 999 units and long sold out, squeezes 830 hp from a 6.5 liter V12 engine. Even with a cold start, the engine installed at the front ignites a small inferno, which increases in intensity with every movement of the gas foot at a speed range of up to 9,500 rpm. Only at 340 km/h is the end of propulsion.

In the "Ferrari Tailor Made" department, where the exclusive vehicles from Maranello are still individualized, Sainz had a few special features configured in the new gem. The lettering "Smooth Operator" - the nickname of the racing driver - can be read on the door sill panel. The start number 55 is embroidered in the floor mats.

As befits an F1 driver, there are white stripes on the outside of the 20-inch Pirelli tires. The racing seat belts also give the hardcore coupe some Formula 1 flair. When it came to the choice of color, however, the Madrilene deviated from his F1 company car. Instead of the traditional red of the Grand Prix racers, the road Ferrari "shines" in a matt gray.

First Ferrari after nine years of golf

"I like dark colors", explained the new owner at the first glance at his new vehicle. "The finish always looks different depending on how the light hits the surface." After the ceremonial unveiling, Sainz almost reverently stroked the street athlete. "I can't believe this car is mine now."

While other Formula 1 stars hoard a whole collection of sports cars in their garage at home, this is Sainz's first major automotive investment. "I've been in Formula 1 for nine years. So far I've always driven the Golf that my parents gave me when I was 18 years old."

The number of cylinders has been tripled compared to the old GTI, and the horsepower has even been more than quadrupled. The price comparisons between the sports models from Wolfsburg and Maranello are also huge. The handpicked clientele has to transfer almost half a million euros to Ferrari for the 812 Competizione. Of course, it was agreed not to disclose the amount of the Ferrari employee discount.


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