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Carlos Sainz: & # 34; One day I'll get what I deserve & # 34;

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Sainz stopped by brake defect
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A on Saturday afternoon Carlos Sainz was in the hospital. Shortly before, at the end of the back straight, he crashed into the barriers at 150 km /h. At eight o'clock in the evening, the accident pilot was released from the hospital. The next morning he stood in the paddock, passed the medical check in record time and started the race from last place with a repaired car and a new engine.

Just the fact that the Toro Rosso driver was at this Grand Prix ​​was a small miracle. But it got better. From the 35th lap he appeared in seventh place. Sainz was one of the four drivers who had completed their pit stop on lap 12. He was almost ten seconds ahead of Daniil Kvyat, who later ended up in 5th place.

'And my tires were still so good that I got faster and faster,' he said after the race. In fact, the penultimate lap before he retired was his fastest. Team advisor Helmut Marko smiled: 'And before the race, Pirelli told us that it was impossible to drive that long on one set of tires.'

Sainz brakes overheated in the slipstream

Sainz was well on the way to becoming immortal when the front left brake fell on the 45th lap. The Spaniard spun twice, most recently in the exact corner in which he had his serious accident 24 hours earlier.

The braking problem appeared earlier. 'They overheated in the slipstream of Ricciardo and never really came back. In the two hard braking zones, I always had to take off the accelerator early and apply the brakes carefully. My left foot almost fell asleep.' It is possible that bits of rubber clogged the brake ventilation ducts.

Eight laps to go it was finally over. Sainz praised the team: 'The guys did a great job rebuilding my accident car. It was in perfect condition.' Then he said to Marko: 'One day I'll get the points that I deserve.' For the 21-year-old from Madrid, it was the sixth technically-related retirement this season. And mostly he was in a promising position.

Verstappen drove with a damaged car

Teammate Max Verstappen was also unlucky . The Dutchman caught a graze when Nico Hülkenberg spun through Feld in the second corner. The puncture forced him to make an early pit stop and oneTwo-stop strategy. In addition, the underbody and rear suspension were damaged in the collision with the Force India.

Verstappen struggled with high tire wear due to the loss of downforce in the rear. 'The car didn't behave as it should, but we didn't want to throw away the hope for points.' It was worth it. Verstappen crossed the finish line in eleventh place, but was given a point because Fernando Alonso had five seconds added to his racing time.


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