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Car-Spotting F1 GP Abu Dhabi 2016: Sheikhs luxury cars

Car-Spotting F1 GP Abu Dhabi 2016
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W if you land in Abu Dhabi from Europe , you have to get used to the sight in normal traffic. In contrast to Europe, where mainly small cars scurry through the cities, large SUVs dominate in the Gulf States. And by big we mean big too. Soft all-wheel drive like an X3 or Q5 do not come into the sheikhs in the garage. It has to be a G-Class, a Jeep Wrangler or a five and a half meter long Chevrolet Suburban.

Monster SUVs and luxury limos

Trips to the gas station are also unusual. In front of our rental car a Nissan Patrol rolled up to the pillar in Abu Dhabi - or should we say Nissan “Petrol”. Only after 105 liters had gurgled into the tank of the giant Japanese did a click on the pistol indicate that the appetite was finally satisfied. The owner had to pay 47 euros for it so that the V8 had enough food under the hood for the next desert tour.

Of course, the density of luxury cars is also much higher than in the inventor country of the automobile. BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8 - this is comparable to our Golf-Class. The noble limousines are particularly popular to order in the long version. If you want to attract more attention, you have to go to the Bentley or Rolls Royce dealer. But even the British luxury cars can hardly be called exotic in the Emirates.

Super sports car despite speed limit

Sports cars are also very popular with the sheikhs. The Italians are particularly in demand here. Ferrari and Lamborghini are clearly ahead in the 300 km /h plus class. You are not allowed to drive faster than 120 km /h on the motorways in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Every few kilometers there are speed cameras that trigger immediately if an Aventador owner accidentally shifts into third gear.

In our gallery we show you the results of our car spotting hunt on The edge of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Some sporty exotic cars and expensive luxury limousines came up against us again.


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