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Can Vettel fight for victory ?: & # 34; Mercedes hard to beat & # 34;

Can Vettel fight for victory?
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F errari is making great progress. At least when it comes to the sound technology in your own motorhome. While neither Sebastian Vettel nor Kimi Räikkönen could be heard acoustically over the microphone in Austria, the Heppenheimer sounded better in Silverstone.

Vettel does not raise any worries on Rosberg's forehead

However the Italians prefer the great progress on the racetrack. Another attempt to get dangerously close to Mercedes follows in Silverstone. The Ferrari development department has prepared new updates for the GP England. However, Vettel remains skeptical whether it will be enough for the big attack against Mercedes. 'We have to improve every area of ​​the car. We have a few things in our luggage for here. But probably not enough to close the gap.'

Competitor Nico Rosberg, currently second in the world championship with ten points behind Lewis Hamilton and 39 points in front of Vettel, Ferrari does not frown worry. 'Apparently they have a lot of new parts. But we will also add more. Our car is made for this track. It loves fast corners. So I'm not really worried.' You inevitably ask yourself: which route is the Mercedes not made for?

No Ferrari podium in the last two GPs

In 2014 two podiums were the highest of emotions for Ferrari . Ex-driver Fernando Alonso drove in both in China and Hungary. The Italians are much more successful this season. A Ferrari driver has stood on the podium in six of the eight races to date. In Malaysia with Vettel even at the top. In the last two GPs, however, there was a lull. But the four-time F1 champion does not see a bad phase. Especially since the Ferrari speed also flashed in Canada and Austria. Only individual mistakes or technical breakdowns cost us a place in the top three.

'At the beginning of the season, we had set ourselves a clear goal: We wanted to be the number 1 pursuer of Mercedes, to narrow the gap , and win one or two races. I think we've already achieved a lot of goals. But in the current form of Mercedes it's really difficult to challenge them, 'says Vettel.

Particularly noticeable: In During the endurance runs in Friday practice, Ferrari repeatedly noticed strong times. On Saturday and Sunday is thenbut no match for Mercedes. 'So teams can choose an even more aggressive approach from Friday to Saturday. Mercedes and Williams turn it up again,' says the Heppenheimer.

Vettel defends Raikkonen

After the Austrian GP demanded Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene rethinking the team. He wanted to see the real picture on Friday. Means: Ferrari should drive with the same tank as Mercedes. When asked about this, Vettel says: 'I won't tell you how much fuel we will have on board tomorrow.'

After his failed races in Canada and Austria, Kimi Raikkonen was widely criticized. The calls for a driver change for 2016 will always be in the paddock. Vettel can put himself in his teammate's position and empathizes. 'People talk very quickly, a lot. If you have two or three bad races, you get criticism straight away. Business is very fast moving. I had four great years with Red Bull. Then last year things went bumpy and the tables had turned around in criticism. Kimi knows what to do. So he doesn't need any advice. The results speak for me. But it's close between us. '


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