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Button is looking forward to a power boost in Spa

Button is looking forward to a power boost
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J enson Button had the most exciting summer break. The 2009 world champion and his wife were robbed in their holiday villa near St. Tropez. 'Not a nice experience, but that's behind us now,' Button tried to forget about the attack. And is looking forward to the Belgian GP even more. Because McLaren announced more downforce with another upgrade and Honda promised more power.

Button admits that racing drivers are like little children before Christmas on this point. 'Whenever there is something new in the car, you are curious to see what will come of it. Honda has promised a significant boost in power. We will only know what it is really worth when we are in the car on Friday.' p>

14 McLaren opponents had problems

The fact that the McLaren drivers have to start from the back row because of the engine change at the Belgian GP doesn't spoil Button's mood: 'The start at Spa is often like this It's chaotic that you can end up in midfield from the very back after the first corner. Maybe the new starting rules will suit us. We won't have anything to lose from our starting position. '

While Honda are still proving it If you have to be able to breathe more power into the engine, McLaren has already improved its car a lot. The places 5 and 9 for Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button in Hungary underline this.

Button warns, however, not to overestimate the result. 'We have a car that is easy to drive. It has also improved a lot since the start of the season. But fortunate circumstances also helped us in Hungary. 14 of our opponents had some problem.'

Button is expecting them Answer to the question of how good the McLaren-Honda actually is only at the Singapore GP. 'Then we will have enough experience with the new engines. And the car will be developed even further. The track layout is ideal for us. In Singapore we will know where we really stand.'


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