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Bruno Senna: & # 34; Sponsorship deal did not matter & # 34;

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What are your thoughts shortly after the announcement as Williams driver?

S enna: I'm really happy to be part of a team with such a fantastic tradition . I am proud that Williams has chosen me to drive for them in the very important next year. Everyone in the team is extremely motivated for 2012 and it's great to be one of the reasons for this motivation. It's true they haven't had the best season, but it's clear that the team is on a new path. Everyone stands together to make sure this year gets better. I really hope that I can show what I can do. Not only for the team but also for myself. It will be interesting to see what we can achieve together.

What are the goals for 2012?

Senna: It's always difficult to formulate goals before the start of the season. I have firmly resolved to push the car 100 percent to the limit and get maximum performance out of it. In terms of data, the car should regularly make it into the top ten. I will fully attack from the first race.

How is the preparation changing? In contrast to the years at Hispania and Lotus Renault, you can take part in the complete test program for the first time.

Senna: It is important to start the season start at the same level as the others. I have to be prepared for all situations. Last year the preparation was not particularly consistent. I couldn't really get to know the car. That should change this year.

There are many rumors that money played an important role in your commitment.

Senna: The first contact was made during the race in Japan. We've had a lot of tests since then. At the beginning there was no talk of a possible sponsorship deal. It was mostly about finding out what I can do. Williams is confident that I have the potential.

Have you already spoken to Rubens Barrichello?

Senna: I couldn't yettalk to him. We are good friends. That's just how motorsport is. It's normal for people to come and go. Personal reasons are irrelevant. Rubens is a professional. He will understand that.

What do you think of the Renault engine that you drove with last year? How can Renault bring Williams forward?

Senna: After a few races in 2011, I haven't found out too much. It is a good unit with good drivability. That should take the team a step forward. As a driver, you need all available weapons in optimal condition to set competitive times in the race. I am sure that we can take the car even further with the Renault and it will be interesting for me to give the team feedback from my experience so far. I hope I can help you skip some learning levels.

What do you think about your new teammate Pastor Maldonado?

Senna: Pastor is a great driver. I've raced against him in GP2 and we always got along well. He's been tough opponents in the past and now it's getting even tougher because we're in the same car. We will try to beat each other for sure, but as teammates we work together to bring the team forward.

Can you talk about what you have done so far? in the factory?

Senna: I went to the Williams factory in Grove before and after Christmas to see myself in the simulator, Put them through their paces on the track and in the fitness room. We even went to the racetrack for this (not in a Formula 1 car). The team can now judge me and understand how to get the best out of me as a driver. But it's also very useful for me because I got used to all of the processes, such as learning the layout of the steering wheel before getting into the real car. When we start with the test drives, I don't have to think about it any more and can go straight ahead and drive the FW34.

Have you already had the opportunity to work with your new engineers?

Senna: We got off to a good start and I'm already looking forward to working with you even more this season. The relationship between a driver and his engineer is difficult for outsiders to understand. It takes deep respect to understand each other perfectly and to know how best to work together so that everything runs smoothly from the start.

Your uncle Ayrton is already drove for this team. Asis that important for you?

Senna: It will be very interesting to drive for the same team as my uncle. Some people here still worked with him. I am happy that you have now given me the chance to prove myself.


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