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Brundle: & # 34; No march through for Schumacher & # 34;

Daniel Reinhard
Martin Brundle on the Schumacher comeback
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M artin Brundle knows Michael Schumacher as a teammate. In 1992 the two drove at Benetton. Brundle thinks like all racing drivers. Why shouldn't Schumacher return?

'Maybe he didn't want to stop in 2006. He made room for Felipe Massa, explaining that he was too tired to continue the stress. I can understand that. The longer you've been at it The more money you have in the bank, the more the routine processes of being a racing driver disturb you. The more important family and free time become. And when you are out of this life, the time comes when you lose it all again. In Michael is currently in this phase. You are and will remain an adrenaline-driven person. You can't just switch it off. '

Schumacher always with entourage

It's not just fun to drive and the desire for competition that play a role. Also the public's attention. In his active time, Schumacher would have loved to do without it. 'You could hear when Michael arrived in the paddock,' recalls Brundle. 'He always pulled a rat tail of photographers and autograph hunters behind him. At some point it gets annoying. But if you are away from the business for a while, then you will remember it fondly.'

The three BBC reporter Brundle believes that a year break will not leave a person like Schumacher without a trace. A few races in a kart and on a motorcycle can't change that. 'You're rusting a little. When I raced back at Le Mans four years after my last Formula 1 race, the big overtaking maneuvers, the close wheel-to-wheel battle, were difficult for me. You are simply no longer calibrated . '

Nico Rosberg has to grow up quickly

That is why Schumacher has to watch out for Nico Rosberg in the first phase of the comeback. 'That won't be a walk-through. I rate Nico extremely strong. But Nico has to grow up very quickly if he wants to beat Michael.'

Even if Schumacher should lose to his 16-year-old team-mate, he will do not break a point from the crown. 'Michael will not be as slow as Luca Badoer. He will do a good job, people will respect that he is already 41. His lifetime achievement is so unique that he does not take any chances.'

BuriedSchumacher Rosberg?

The now 50-year-old Brundle sees the risk more on Rosberg's side: 'If Michael were consistently faster than Nico, he would bury him.' The new racing format without refueling stops still plays a trump card in the hands of the record world champion. 'Michael has always adapted quickly to new conditions and took advantage of them.'


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