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Breathe a sigh of relief at Red Bull: No Ricciardo penalty in Canada

Red-Bull-MGU-K not defective
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D he good news came out on Wednesday Paris. Renault sports director Cyril Abiteboul informed Red Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko that the MGU-K survived in Daniel Ricciardo's car. The fault of the failure of the electric machine at the Monaco GP was therefore a sloppy assembly. The unit itself remained undamaged. This means that Monaco winner Daniel Ricciardo will probably avoid a transfer back. 'It looks like there is no starting place penalty for us in Montreal,' hopes Marko.

Nevertheless, the situation in the Red Bull engine warehouse remains tense. Ricciardo already has two units of all drive components in use. If the MGU-K had been damaged, the third would have been due. That would have meant a penalty because the regulations this year only allow two units for MGU-K, battery and power electronics.

At Max Verstappen, Red Bull was able to elegantly smuggle in a third MGU-K. Since he was the last to start the race after the training crash anyway, the penalty didn't hurt. However, Marko fears: 'At some point, in one of the next races, we will be caught.'

Marko sees good chances for the Canadian GP

So Red Bull has good chances in Montreal too, to play an important role in the World Cup three-way battle with Mercedes and Ferrari. The track has long straights, but also a lot of slow corners and chicanes. There the Red Bull can score with its excellent braking stability and traction.

'With our good traction we can defuse the straights a bit,' believes Marko. In addition, there is the further developed second specification of the Renault engine. Red Bull is hoping for a significant performance boost. “And fewer problems with the MGU-K,” adds team boss Christian Horner.

Marko sees two more pluses for the Canadian GP. “In contrast to Mercedes, our car is good in traffic. Even if we are not ahead at the start, we can drive well in the slipstream of the others. And then there are tactical options because we manage the tires better than the others. ”

Soft tires an advantage for Red Bull

That could be with the critical hypersoft rubber on offer be an advantage. Marko is convinced: “If Ricciardo could have driven at full speed in Monte Carlo, we would have forced Mercedes and Ferrari to make two pit stops. Your tires already looked bad with the slow lap times. ”

Conclusion of theDoktors: “We have a great car now. The upgrade from Barcelona is the base. Without the technical problems in Bahrain and the collision in Baku we would be right at the front. ”


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