Bottas wants to beat Hamilton: Nico did it too

Bottas wants to beat Hamilton
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N oh the first impressions of the test drives in Barcelona, ​​the World Cup could Title will be decided again this year in the team-internal duel at Mercedes. The fans have to hope that Valtteri Bottas can put up more resistance than last year, otherwise Lewis Hamilton could quickly clear things up.

At his press conference on the last day of the test, Bottas was optimistic that he would Title dream could work. “Lewis is not unbeatable. After five years in Formula 1, I have all the tools I need. I won a few races last season. Now I just have to be more consistent. That was the problem last year, ”explains the Finn.

Nico Rosberg as Bottas role model

Stefan Baldauf
Bottas is having fun again Silver arrow. The crisis from the previous season is forgotten.

The blond boy does not see the task as unsolvable. “It took Nico (Rosberg) a certain amount of time to beat Lewis. But in the end he succeeded. He's shown that if you work hard you can be successful against Lewis. That's why I firmly believe in it. ”

Bottas also changed his approach over the winter:“ Lewis is a great driver. But I can let myself be disturbed when he's faster. I'm starting the season with a new attitude on this point. ”

New Mercedes fits Bottas

In contrast to the situation 12 months ago, Bottas now knows his team. He knows the process. And he knows the car's characteristics, which have become even more good-natured with the new model. “We didn't have any problems with the setup here in Barcelona. Thethe right set-up was quickly found. But that doesn't have to mean that it always works so well. ”

The fast racing simulation on Thursday, which the competition followed with horror, also satisfied Bottas. “The car worked well. I quickly found a good rhythm. I just felt good. It was really fun. ”

But Bottas doesn't know how good the Mercedes is compared to the competition. “I don't think we're one second ahead of everyone else. And then there is also the question of what our qualifying pace looks like. But that will be answered in a couple of weeks. ”


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