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Bottas vs. Raikkonen: Second round in the Finn duel

Bottas vs. Raikkonen
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N ur 2 of the 20 Formula 1 drivers in the field come from Finland. But Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Räikkönen seem to be magically attracted at the moment. The two fast Norsemen don't know any friends on the track. In the direct duels there was a collision for the second time within a few weeks.

The first hot duel between the two cool blondes took place at the GP Russia. In the last lap, Raikkonen launched an attack that ended in the gang for Bottas. The Iceman was identified by the commissioners as the cause of the accident and received a time penalty. But that didn't help Bottas either. The pilots then assigned each other the blame.

In lap 21 there was revenge in Mexico. Bottas launched an attack in turn 4. Raikkonen closed the inside lane, but Bottas remained on par with his opponent. In a parallel flight, the Finns headed for turn 5. Then there was a crash. Raikkonen gave in, Bottas couldn't avoid it.

The duel shouldn't have ended in a crash

The left front wheel The Williams got caught in the Ferrari's right rear wheel. The suspension buckled on the Italian car. Bottas was able to continue unharmed. 'The impact - both vertical and horizontal - must have been violent,' analyzed Williams chief engineer Rob Smedley. 'The rear suspension is not designed for that. We were just lucky. It could have been the end for Valtteri as well.'

Bottas himself was not very enthusiastic about the crash again: 'We're fighting hard on the track. But normally there should be enough space for 2 cars in such a chicane. But this time it wasn't the case. I assessed the risk and saw a good chance to pass. I ran out of space on the inside lane. It should have actually don't have to end like that. '

Smedley agreed with his protégé:' Valtteri left Kimi enough space in the first part of the chicane. If you look at the onboard perspective, you can see that he doesn't have any afterwards Had more chance to evade. He was already off the track with 2 wheels. Kimi had to know that he was there. He defended himself inside beforehand. That would really be extremely disappointing if the race were over for us too sen would be. Valtteri did absolutely nothing wrong. '

Raikkonen rejects guilt

Crash opponent Raikkonen understandably saw things differently. Even if the Ferrari driver refrained from direct blame. 'Everyone has their own opinion about it. I'm sure they blame me for it. He was already on the cusp. There wasn't much grip there. His front wheels locked something and I had to give in at some point. I just can't go straight. '

In Russia it put a penalty. In Mexico, the referees did not take any action. 'I'm sure that some will say it was my fault and others say it was his fault,' said Raikkonen, as usual, emotionless. 'That doesn't change the result. Unfortunately, we got the short end of the game today. That was just a shitty weekend.'

There is only one thing the pilots agree on: a discussion is not necessary: ​​'That won't help a lot, 'grumbled Kimi. 'Maybe he is feeling better now after the Russian accident. If so, nice for him. I have no personal problem with anyone. This is racing. I believe that things will always take care of themselves in the long run.'


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