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Bottas satisfied with the Jerez test: & # 34; lap times don't matter '

Bottas satisfied with the Jerez test
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D he journalists had to be patient. Valtteri Bottas was late for the press round. But not because he was stuck in the technical debriefing, the usual discussions after a day of testing, for too long, but because he was one of three pilots asked to do a doping test. Next to Jenson Button and Daniil Kvyat.

Williams FW37 aerodynamically better

With a 45 minute delay, the 25-year-old was able to take stock in front of the press. The Finn made a very tidy, relaxed and satisfied impression. The new Williams FW37 with the short stub nose seems to suit his taste. 'The car feels more aerodynamically constant than its predecessor. It's a step forward.' By aerodynamically more constant, Bottas means that his racing car delivers constant downforce. From turning in to cornering.

Bottas provided his Williams FW37 3rd place at the end of the day. His gap to Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari was 1.335 seconds. In contrast to Vettel, the Finn was on the even more adhesive and therefore faster soft tires. But the gap to Ferrari in no way worries him. 'The lap times don't care. We know how much potential we have. When the time comes, we can improve. ”Especially since the Mercedes V6 turbo is still driven at a reduced rate.

Bottas drives measuring devices for a walk

In the past season, top speed and braking stability were among Williams' favorite disciplines. But you suffered a little more in the curve. 'The car doesn't feel much different. But I think it's a more complete car. We'll have to sacrifice a bit of top speed to get faster in the corners. We'll still be quick on the straights.' The weakness Bottas hopes to be able to get rid of it under wet conditions.

In the morning, last year's World Cup fourth was carrying huge measuring equipment on his Williams for a walk. Bottas explains: 'We ran a different program than yesterday when we were due to the delay could only leave later. It was cold this morning and we decided to do the planned aerodynamics tests. ”

With this, Williams wanted to compare the wind tunnel and computer data with the values ​​on the track. Keyword correlation between factory and racetrack. Later that daythe traditional English team shifted its focus to long runs and setup work on the Martini racer.

Bottas was able to familiarize himself with the revised 2015 Pirelli tires. 'They offer a little more contact pressure on the rear axle and are therefore a bit faster. They are also a little more constant,' says the Finn.


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