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Bottas ready for Malaysia: & # 34; I don't feel any more pain & # 34;

Bottas ready for Malaysia
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U at 12:29 pm local time, the Williams press release fluttered into the E -Mail mailboxes. Valtteri Bottas has received approval from the FIA ​​doctors to start at the Grand Prix in Malaysia, said the traditional English racing team from Grove. A little more than two hours later, the 25-year-old dictated into the journalists' notebooks: 'I don't feel any more pain. My back is perfectly fine again.'

Bottas accepts FIA decision from Melbourne

The fourth place in the World Championship last year sustained a back injury during qualifying in Melbourne. In the hospital, which Bottas did not leave until Sunday morning, the doctors found a tear in the outer disc tissue. 'The pain got worse until midnight. In the morning it got a little less.'

That is why Bottas planned to start in Melbourne. 'Originally, I wanted to do the laps on the grid and then decide with the team whether I would drive the Grand Prix. Of course, there would have been a question mark as to whether I could manage the race distance. But I wanted to at least try,' said Bottas. However, the FIA ​​thwarted his plans because Bottas only managed the 'exit test' the second time, in which the driver has to climb out of the car within five seconds. But only with a grimace. 'It was a shame, but I respected the FIA's decision.'

In Malaysia, Bottas reported when the back pain started in Australia. It was in the second part of qualifying after he braked hard on a bump. 'After that I lost power in my left foot. As a result, I missed the braking point in turn 13 in the first attempt in Q3. My second attempt was more or less a survival lap,' said Bottas, who finished sixth in qualifying.

Williams modified the position of the pedals

Compared to last year, the Williams drivers sit slightly differently in the car. But why didn't the problems arise during the test drives? 'Because the circuit in Melbourne is quite bumpy compared to Jerez and Barcelona,' said the Finn. So that Bottas does not get injured again, Williams has modified the seating position for the race in Malaysia. 'The back is now in a slightly more neutral position.' The main improvement comes from a modified onePositioning the pedals.

At the end of last week, the Finn was able to pedal without any symptoms for the first time on his cross trainer. 'For me it was important that there was a two-week break between Melbourne and here. With a double header it would have been more difficult.'

In Malaysia he wants to attack the Ferraris together with his team-mate Felipe Massa. 'The order should be more or less the same as in Melbourne. I am confident that we will have a good car. And fighting Ferrari with two cars will help us.'

Because of the heat did he has no concerns. 'Our cooling system should fit'. Massa adds: 'Small details will make the difference between us and Ferrari. For example, the cooling can make the difference. If you have to open a little more in the rear, you lose downforce. Then it's a matter of one or two tenths back and forth.' p>


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