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Bottas as a Ferrari fright: & # 34; I remembered Vettel & # 34;

Bottas as Ferrari fright
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D he picture looked familiar. A Williams in front of a Ferrari. In the battle for fourth place, Valtteri Bottas sat in the Williams in both cases. His pursuers changed. Sebastian Vettel pressed from behind in Bahrain, his teammate Kimi Raikkonen in Barcelona.

Bottas grinned: 'When Kimi rushed in from behind, I immediately remembered my fight with Vettel three weeks ago.' And this time too, he confidently kept the Ferrari at a distance. Raikkonen didn't get a chance to overtake the Williams. 'I did the same thing as in Bahrain. Before the two straights where he was able to overtake me with DRS, I positioned my car so that I had the perfect acceleration.'

And if necessary, extra power from the engine. Since Barcelona, ​​Mercedes has allowed its drivers to use the maximum power of the first engine 100 kilometers longer than originally intended. 'I'm not allowed to say anything about that. But the engine was very powerful,' Bottas smiled sheepishly.

Williams shortens the gap to Ferrari

The duel between the Finns was one of the few highlights in a monotonous one Run. This time Bottas found it easier to keep the Ferrari in check. Although Raikkonen was on soft tires and his opponent was on hard tires. 'The siege did not last as long as Vettel's. And my tires were fresher than Kimi's. That made up for the disadvantage of the harder compound.'

The best insight for Bottas was another: 'We have moved closer to Ferrari. Our upgrade was smaller, but apparently more effective. The gap to the faster of the two Ferraris has shrunk to 14 seconds. This gives us confidence for the future. Further expansion stages are planned for Canada and Austria. If they work just as well, we should be able to fight with Ferrari on the track again soon. '

Williams is also well on the way to solving the tire problem in the view of the new fifth place in the World Championship. 'We kept the softer mixture in its temperature window much better than in the last few races. We only have a problem with the harder mixture. But I think everyone had that with the exception of Mercedes.' Bottas also reveals: 'We had originally planned a three-stop race. But when we saw that the tires were going so well, we changed our tactics.'


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