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Bosozoku Japan tuning: Red Bull duo cruising through Tokyo

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Bosozoku Japan-Tuning
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' Bosozoku 'is what the Japanese call the art of' refining 'cars to such an extent that not much of the original production model can be recognized is. What would fall into the Proll-Tuning category in Germany is highly regarded in Japanese youth culture.

The tuners consciously go beyond the limits of good taste. Splinters grow out of the front apron for meters. With massive side skirts and sprawling fender attachments, the companions also expand in width. Comic-like rear wings are also part of the standard range. Just like an ultra lowering.

Malaysia winner in the Bosozoku tuning monster

On Wednesday (October 4th, 2016) Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen also approached the Bosozoko culture for the first time . After their one-two victory in Malaysia, the two Red Bull drivers took a joyride in a converted Datsun. With the orange tuning monster we went on a city tour of a different kind through Tokyo.

Ricciardo got behind the wheel of the right-hand drive. Verstappen played the navigator from the passenger seat. To the relief of the owner, the two F1 stars returned their “rental car” without scratches. We show you the pictures of the short drive through the capital of Japan in the gallery.


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